Best Friend – Three Shot Fanfic Final Part

It was a hectic day for the Park. The most important event will start in an hour. Sanghyun look himself at the mirror he was wearing a tuxedo, it’s a big day.  There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Sanghyun said, the door were open revealing his friends.

“Sanghyun!” Joon yelled happily and hug him. “Hyung… you are ruining my suit.” Sanghyun whined jokingly.

“Yah hyung my turn.” Mir drag Joon away from Sanghyun and hug Sanghyun instead. “Congratulation, hyung.” Mir said still hugging him. “Thanks..” Sanghyun replied smiling at his friend.

“Thanks for being here, it mean a lot to me.” Sanghyun said and look at his friends. “Don’t worry about it…”G.O said patting Sanghyun back. “Yeah… we will see you outside later.” Seungho said, after that all of them left.

Sanghyun took a deep breath…he was nervous. He needs to stay calm but he can’t help to feel nervous about it. He didn’t realized someone was there watching him.

“Are you nervous?” said a familiar voice, surprising Sanghyun.  “Hyung, don’t surprised me.” Sanghyun whined. Jiyong chuckled seeing his brother-in-law. Sanghyun was obvious showing his nervous side.

“Hyung…I feel my heart want to burst.” Sanghyun said holding his chest. Jiyong chucked even more. “I know how you feel…I feel that too when I was about to marry your Dara nuna.” Jiyong explained. “I feel like running away that time but when I see her down the aisle. I remember all the things we do. How I first met her? How I fall in love with her? How I realized she is the one for me? Knowing that I only want to be with her, give me the courage I need and I didn’t feel nervous anymore.” Jiyong explained remembering his wedding day.

Sanghyun hear his brother-in-law experience he smiled. Hearing Jiyong story help lessen what he felt. “Thanks hyung.” Sanghyun said and hug Jiyong. “You’ll be okay.”  Jiyong said and pat his head. “Hyung I’m not a kid anymore.” He whined. Jiyong laughed, “Sorry kiddo…I’ll take my leave. See you later.” He said and excuses himself.

Sanghyun looked back at himself at the mirror. He smiled. He wonders how is Hyorin doing???

He remember back when how he realized that he love her.


Sanghyun was with Jieun , they were invited to friend party. He knows Hyorin was already there since she said she will be going with Bora and the rest. When they arrived at the party, he was greeted by Joon.  The guys were sitting so he brought Jieun along.

He was happy that finally he had a girlfriend. He really like Jieun and glad that she accept his confession. He was looking around to search for Hyorin since he couldn’t find her at all.

“Mir have you seen Hyorin?” Sanghyun whispered to Mir. “She’s at the bar with Donghae.” Mir replied.

Sanghyun look at the Bar, there he see Hyorin talking with Donghae. He doesn’t know why but he didn’t like seeing her with Donghae at all. He could see Hyorin was smiling and he really didn’t like it that Donghae make her smile. What was it he feeling?

“Oppa…” Sanghyun turned to Jieun when he Jieun called him. “Sorry..” he apologized. He felt hyorin look at her but when he turns to look her back she was having a nice conversation with Donghae.

2 month after the party, I met up with Jieun. She said she want to talk its important.

“Oppa, let’s break up.” She said. I was speechless. “Why? What did I do?” I asked. “It’s not you…you were wonderful but I feel that your heart is not with me. I know that you love someone else. I can feel that from you. I have to admit she look good on you. Goodbye oppa.” She said leaving me wondering who she meant. Who did he actually love?

Sanghyun was still upset so he decided to meet Hyorin. Hyorin always know how to cheer him up. He smiles he feels calm when she was in his arm. He wonders why he feels happy and all his trouble was gone when he is with her.

He left hyorin after he got a call from his mom. He don’t know why Hyorin asked  him the question but he just answer that Hyorin is his best friend,  that’s what he felt right..?

A week after that I didn’t expect to meet Jieun after our break up. She was with a guy probably a new boyfriend. I just smile at her and she smile back. We end up sit down together. It was awkward actually sitting with your ex and her new boyfriend.

“So how are you?” I asked.  “I’m fine, oppa. By the way, this Yeoseob. “ Jieun said introducing me to her boyfriend. “Hi…Sanghyun right? Jieun use to talk about you.” He said after we shake hand. I was surprised to hear from Yeoseob that Jieun actually talk about me.

“Oh…I hope it’s nothing bad.” I replied. “Of course not…I talk about how you actually in love with someone else but you date me instead.” Jieun explained. “Jieun ah…I don’t get what you mean.” I asked confused. “Jieun said you fall in love with your best friend.” Yeoseob add in.  I was shocked hearing that. Jieun notice and she was surprised. “Oppa…don’t tell me you didn’t realize that you fall in love with Hyorin unnie.” She said.

Jieun sighed. “Oppa…don’t you know when you ever talk about Hyorin unnie to me I can see it how happy you are when you talk about her, more to that the way you look at her during the party I know you were jealous when some guy approached her. It’s obvious you really love her oppa.” She explained.

It hit big time…so all those time all he felt for her wasn’t a feeling of best friend or a brother-sister relationship. It was a mutual feeling of a girl and a boy. After Jieun explained, he realized those happy feeling every time he is with Hyorin he was actually happy with the girl he love and when he hug her  that night he feel that he don’t want to let go of her.

He fell in love with his best friend…Kim Hyorin, what did you do to me??? I smiled thanking Jieun and left them to meet Hyorin. When he arrived to her house, Hyorin was at the balcony she was sleeping at her chair.

Sanghyun just stared at her not wanting to wake her up. He felt that his heart beating fast seeing her sleeping his focus was on her lips. He swallowed his own saliva. He didn’t realize that he was closing in with her face. He end up giving her a kiss without him realized. He stopped himself and quickly ran away before Hyorin woke up.

His heartbeat was beating fast, he smiled. He definitely officially fall in love with his best friend.


(End Flashback)

Sanghyun smiled when he remember that, “Hyorin, I promise to make you the happiest woman in my life.” He said and looks at the watch at the celling, in a few minutes it will be the best history in his life.


In a few minutes, it will be the biggest change in her life. Hyorin was taking a deep breath. She was nervous and it is visible from her friend eyes.

“Unnie, don’t be scared.” Dasom said trying to lessen her unnie nervous. “Yeah unnie, it’s your big day.” Soyou add in.

“Hyorin ah… take a deep breath.”  Bora instructed her dongseng. Hyorin took a deep breath and she smiled seeing her friends. “Thanks.” She said.

There was a knock on the door revealing Dara, Sanghyun eldest sister.

“Can I come in?” She asked. “Dara unnie…come in.” Hyorin said. “We take our leave.” Bora said. “We see you later.” Soyou said. “Bye unnie.” Dasom said as the three of them leave to the door after greeting Dara.

“You look beautiful, Hyorin.” Dara praised. “Thank you, unnie.” She replied smiling. Dara can see how nervous Hyorin is. “Hyorin ah…Let me tell you a secret how to kill you nervous.” She said. Hyorin was definitely listening cause she look her with interest. “When I walk on the aisle, I saw Jiyong there looking at me. Seeing him there, I remember how he confessed to me. How I fall in love with him? How he is the one for me? He is the person that I will spend the rest of life with. It gives me courage that I can face everything as long he is with me.” Dara explained. Hyorin smiled hearing the sweet story from Dara.

“Hyorin ah…Please take care of him. He is my only little brother and I trusted him to you. Good luck.” Dara said. “Thank you unnie…I will.” Hyorin smiled. “Are you ready to go?” She asked.

Hyorin turn to see her reflection at the mirror and smiled “I’m ready… unnie.” There Mr Kim were waiting for her daughter while Dara excuses herself.

That day was a big day for Hyorin and Sanghyun. It was their wedding day. They smile eye to eye and when they vow to be together forever they exchange kisses where everyone as their witness. It was the happiest day of their life.  Everyone were happy especially Dara who was happy for her little brother. She hug her husband who was holding their 3-year-old son. “I’m glad they are together.” She said. “Me too, babe.” Jiyong replied giving his wife a peck on the lip.

As tradition, Hyorin throw the bouquet and it was landed at Jieun hand with
Yeoseob beside her. It was the happiest day for everyone. Jieun were tease by Bora, Dasom and Soyou for getting married soon. Yeoseob was just blushing when the guys congratulate him.  Everyone love a happy ending.

Hyorin and Sanghyun laughed seeing the two of them. Hyorin stare at Sanghyun who is her Best friend also her husband. “I love you, Park Sanghyun.” She smiled.  Sanghyun stare back at his now wife, “I love you too…Kim Hyorin wait I mean Park Hyorin.” He smiled making Hyorin laughed. Sanghyun smile, “Do you know I love the way you laughed.” He said and kiss her passionately.

The end…:)


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