BestFriend – Three Shot Fanfic Part 1


Kim Hyojung@ Hyorin

Park Sanghyun@ Thunder/Cheondung

“I promise I will always be there for you…”– Thunder

“I can’t find someone worth my time just like my best friend…” –Hyorin

12 year ago….

(Sanghyun POV)

It was a great day to go outside and play. I was so excited to go to the playground and play with my friends. “Noona!!! Hyung hurry up!” Sanghyun screamed. “Woah..Sanghyun chill will you..” Jiyong hyung who came along with dara noona holding her hand. “Come on…you guys said that you want to go to the park. You guys can date there. Let’s go now!” he whined. “For a 9-year-old, you are sure annoying sanghyun.” Dara noona complaint not pleased with my attitude. “Enough, tokki. Let’s go dude.” Jiyong hyung said and we went to the park.

When they arrived, Sanghyun immediately ran to the playground leaving the couple alone and play with the neighborhood kids around. It was then he noticed a dark tan girl sitting at the sand box alone playing without any friend. He look around and no one was playing with her. So he decided to approach her.

“Hi, are you alone?” He asked. She stared me back with those big eyes, “Yea…no one wants to play with me.” She said wanted to cry. “Don’t cry. I’ll play with you.” He smiled. He really don’t like seeing a girl cry. It makes him want to protect them.

Her sad face suddenly to change to a big smile. “You will?” she asked smiling. “Yea…By the way my name is Park Sanghyun. What’s your name?” He asked giving her a handshake. “Hyorin. Kim Hyorin-iimida.” She said and took his handshake.

Ever since they met, they always play with her when they met at the playground and eventually they becomes best friend. Dara and Durami always teases Sanghyun since he never miss a day seeing her since they also turn out going to the same school and going home together.

Sanghyun was waiting for hyorin outside her class. It was his part of daily routine to wait for her so they can walk home together “Sanghyun oppa.” he turned to the owner of the voice and he immediately smiled. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, oppa.” She apologized. “It’s okay. Come on, let’s go. You said you want to celebrate our one year friendship.” He said. She nodded in agreement. “Let’s go, oppa.” She smiled back happily.

They were buying an ice cream cone to celebrate their one year friendship. After that they went to the playground and sit at the swing. It was quiet around this time so no one was there except the two of them. They  both sit at the swing while eating their ice cream.

“These bring back memories. I can’t believe it’s already been a year we met.” Hyorin said while eating her ice cream. “Yeah…I can’t believe it now here we are become best friend.” Sanghyun said and laughed. “Hey…why are you laughing? What’s so funny anyway?” She asked didn’t get why I laughed and pouted. “I’m sorry…Don’t be mad okay?”  he said cheering her up. “You’re not forgiven.” She continues to pout. Sanghyun laughed more seeing her like that he really enjoy teasing her. “Oppa..” She whined. “It’s not funny…Don’t you like be friend with me?” She asked sounded a bit sad from her tone. “Yah pabo!” Sanghyun scolded hyorin and hit her forehead lightly. Hyorin whined in pain while rubbing her forehead. “Don’t ever think like I never want to be your friend.” Sanghyun replied.

She was sulking and Sanghyun immediately pat her head. “Don’t make that face.” He commanded her. She stop sulking and look at him. “No matter what… I’m glad that you become my best friend. I promise you this that I will always be there for you… no matter what.” Sanghyun said and show him his pinky.

Hyorin stare looked at his pinky and smiled. “Promise.” She said smiling in respond. Ever since that their friendship grows stronger every single day.

But what will happen when Sanghyun realized that he fall in love with hyorin? His own best friend? Will he confessed to her or just stay in the status of his life as a best friend for her?


Chapter 1

(Present day)

 (Thunder Pov)

 “This is killing me…” I sighed looking at my test paper. I got a D- on my biology. I slam my head on the table. “Yah Sanghyun a…Don’t be down it’s just a test paper.”  Seungho said trying to cheer him up. “I never got a D- on my biology hyung. Never!” I said dramatically. I looked at Joon hyung who are happy that he got C+ for his Biology. “How can Joon hyung got a high-grade compare to me this is unbelievable.” I said still not looking at them. “Yah Thunder! How could you say that?” Joon said shock with my statement. “I’m smart okay…” he continued.  “Yah Thunder…come on, stop kissing the table.” G.O instructed.  I refuse to do so.

The boys were going crazy. They don’t know what to do with Thunder when he likes this. “Hyung I go called Hyorin.” Mir said quietly and went off to find her.

After a few minutes, Mir managed to get Hyorin after he explain the whole situation to her about Sanghyun.  “We leave this to you.” Said Seungho  signaling Sanghyun. “Let me handle this.” Hyorin said smiling.

The boys leave Hyorin and Sanghyun alone in the room. “Oppa…” She called out to Sanghyun. “Did Mir get you?” I asked still not moving from my position. “Yea…Oppa look at me.” She pleaded shaking my hand. I  give up and sighed..I will never win over her with that husky sexy voice of her. I got up and now  staring at my own best friend face. “What…?” I asked still upset with my grade.

“Don’t be upset…it’s just a test paper. Beside you can do better next time and beat Joon oppa.” Hyorin said smiling. I smile at her comment and ruffle her hair. She sooo cute..

 “Yah..oppa…stop ruining my hair.” Hyorin pouted.  “Stop making that face.”  I said pinching both of her cheek. It only make me want to squeeze you even more..

 “S..stog it..”Hyorin said. I stop immediately she so cute…I can’t help it but laughed. “Sorry…But thanks…that makes my day.” I said and continue laughing seeing her angry face. Hyorin smiled when I laughed . “I’m glad that make you laughed oppa.” She replied.

I smiled back if only you knew how I felt about you right now…his heartbeat was beating fast and he doesn’t know when its start but all he know he fell in love with his best friend.  He was trying to hold back from hugging her. Her smile really what he only need to make his heart better. Thanks guys…I owe you guys’ big time.

The two didn’t realize that the boys were watching from the door.  “Aigoo…look how happy he is…” Joon said in a giddy tone. “I told you already hyung…only Hyorin can liven up his mood back.” Mir grinned wide. “I wonder when will he confess to her?” Seungho asked the other. “That’s up to Sanghyun to decide after all it is his decision.” G.O said. They all nodded in agreement.



It was a usual busy day. Its sophomore year, being a college student there is no excuse in slacking. I was at home doing my assignment before the gangs come here I was planning to finally to confess to Hyorin tomorrow and later the guys will help me out. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Suddenly there was a doorbell ringing. “I get it…!” I yelled.  I wonder who is it…it couldn’t be the guys since they said they come around noon. I went to the door and open it only to see Hyorin smiling happily. “OPPA!!!” She jump and hug me surprisingly. “Whoa…What happen to you? and What are doing here?” I asked surprised with the sudden hug attack from his best friend.

“Yah…can’t I not come here anymore?” She asked. “It’s not like that…I mean you always called.” I explained. It not that I don’t want to see Hyorin I was planning to surprised her with my confession tomorrow.

Before Hyorin can replied to me, Dara nuna came. “Oh..Hyorin. You’re here.” Dara nuna greeted when she saw Hyorin. “Hi unnie, you look pretty like always…have a nice date.”Hyorin said praising Dara nuna. “Thank you… Aigoo…Sanghyun a…you should really make Hyorin your wife.” Dara nuna said purposely to tease me.“Yah nuna!”  I yelled hoping my blushing cheek isn’t visible. “Aigoo…fine. I leave you two love birds alone. I need to see my dragon boy. Bye hyorin.” Dara nuna said and leave us alone.

“Sorry about that…” I smiled apologetically. “It’s okay, oppa. I’m used to it already. It’s not like this the first time your family tease us.” Hyorin replied in a cool tone. True, their families keep teasing since they were 9.

 “So what’s make you happy today?” I asked as we went to the living room. “Well…do you know Lee Donghae?” She asked smiling. “Yea…What’s with him?” I asked still don’t get with why would Donghae make her happy.

“He finally confessed to me, oppa!” Hyorin told me excitedly. “What?” I asked again. I didn’t hear it wrong, right? that Donghae confess to Hyorin. “He proposed to me this morning.  I was so surprised that he asked me to his girlfriend.” She said excitedly. “I’m so happy, oppa. Now..we’re officially a couple.” She said still smiling,

I was speechless. I couldn’t believe it…the woman he loves was now belong to someone else. I forced a smile hoping she won’t realize how hurt I am right now…he felt his heart crushing to pieces. “I’m happy for you.” I said and hug her. “Gomawa oppa.” She replied and hugs me back. How I’m going to say I Love you now if you are happy with another guy.


It’s been a few months, after Hyorin told me the news. I keep trying my best to be with her if I can since now she has a boyfriend. So she mostly spent time with Donghae. I was hanging out with the guys at Mir house.

“Yah stop depressing…it’s been a few months already.” Said Seungho hyung. “Sanghyun should just confess to her .” Said Joon hyung. “Yea..Sanghyun. You still have a chance.” Mir add in. “Shut it guys…Let Sanghyun decide what best for him. Even though I agree that you should just confess to her.” Said G.O

“I want too…but she’s really happy with Donghae. Every time I see her smile because of him it’s enough for me that she is happy.” I said smiling bitterly. “You guys might think I’m a fool for being like this. Well… I guess I’m a fool, I keep praying hoping that she fell in love with me too. I guess that won’t happen.” I scoffed at my own statement. The guys just watch me not knowing what to say anymore.

A sound of my phone ringtone breaks the silence. I picked it up after seeing the caller id. “Hyorin…” I answered. “Oppa..” I could hear from her voice she sounds like she is crying. “Are you okay? Where are you?” I asked panic. “I’m at the park.” She replied. “Wait for me there. Don’t go anywhere.” I said and end the call. “I got to go guys.” I said excuses myself and quickly went to the park.




I arrived to the park but Hyorin was nowhere to be seen. “Hyorin!” I yelled. I went to the playground where we used to play. There I found Hyorin sitting at swing. I slowly approached her. “Hyorin.” I called her out. She immediately look to the direction and went to hug me crying.

I was surprised seeing her like this so I hug her back since that always calm her down first. When she calm down, we sit at the swing. “Did he make you cry again?” I asked. She nodded. This isn’t the first Donghae make her cries. Hyorin would even calls him when she cries and told him all her problem with him and he was always there to comfort him no matter what.

 “What did he do this time?” I asked. “We broke up, oppa.” She said. I keep quiet continue to hear what she want to say. “I saw him with another girl. He said it was my fault cause he was jealous.” She said. “Jealous of what?” I asked. “He is Jealous about you.” she replied staring at me. How ironic is that? When the fact is I’m the one who is actually jealous of him.

“He said that you like me. He noticed how you look at me. He hated the fact that you make me laughed more compare to him.” She paused and stares at me. “Is it true, oppa?” She asked. I keep quiet. I took a deep breath and stare at her back.

“Hyorin…I know we’ve been best friend since we were kids. This place is where we first met. I still remember we play pretend with those innocent mind of us being husband and wife.” I paused for a while seeing her smile remembering back then too. “I didn’t know back then but now I realized that you are the only one that I actually love. Do you know that I keep praying hoping you would love me back. And I was even afraid to confess to you cause I don’t want to ruin what we had since love is unpredictable.” I paused again. I could see Hyorin was listening she was surprised when I told her that I love her. “And I know its sound crazy but would you be baby? I’m willing to take this risk rather than losing you again. I love you Hyorin.” I confessed.

My heart is racing. I have already decided and I will face whatever answered. “Oppa…I…”



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