Best Friend – Three shot Fanfic Part 2

(Hyorin Pov)


I was doing my calculus, I’m really not a fan of the subject that why I went to the expert her best friend, Sanghyun.   “Oppa, you need to help me with this…” I whined. He was busy texting with someone and ignoring me. I pouted. “Oppa!” I called him out.

“What…” he responds still not looking at her. “Yah! PARK SANGHYUN!” I called his full name in an angry tone. After that I definitely got his attention. “What…?” he asked looking innocent.

“You’ve been ignoring me. I thought you said you will help me out.” I pouted. “Aigoo…Sorry. Fine let me teach you.” He replied patting my head like a kid. But, I smiled. It makes me happy every little thing he do will make me happy.

After the study session, we hang out at the balcony. I keep seeing him smiling while texting. I wonder who is it???

“Oppa, who are you texting with?” I asked. He looked at me, smiling. “Hyorin ah… do remember the girl that I told you about..?” he asked. “You mean Jieun? Are you texting with her?” I asked. “Yeah…I think about asking her out…Should I ask her through text or face to face?” He asked.  I could feel my heart was breaking apart. I know he only see me as his best friend not more than that still I can’t help but falling for him.

“Hyorin ah..” Sanghyun called out. “Sorry oppa…I was thinking. I think you should tell her face to face.” I said smiling to him even though it’s killing me inside. “Thanks…I can always seek advice from you. You’re definitely my best friend.” He said hugging her. Yeah Best Friend that the only meaning of her for Sanghyun. Just a Best friend…



I was with the girls we were invited to a party. Sanghyun were invited too but he was going with his date. Yes…he finally confessed to the girl that he has a crush with. The girls were helping me out to forget my feeling for him. It wasn’t easy for me. We shared each other secrets but this secret she had feeling is a secret she can’t never share caused she really don’t want to ruin their friendship.

“Come on..Hyo. We’re here to have fun. So let’s party.” Bora said as she dragged me to dance. Dasom and Soyou were already at the dance floor. We were dancing happily but eventually I got tired and leave to get a drink at the bar. I looked at the entrance and saw Sanghyun who just arrived to the party while holding hand with Jieun. They look happy. I didn’t notice I have a sad expression until someone said it.

“What with the sad look?” He asked looking at me concerned. I turn to the voice owner. He was a handsome and dashing guy around Sanghyun oppa age. His face look familiar but I wonder where I see him from.

“Nothing…” I replied. “Lee Donghae.” He said giving his hand to me. I responded to his hand and smile. “Kim Hyorin.” I said introducing myself back.

“I know… I always see you with Sanghyun.” He said giving me his cute smile. “You know Sanghyun oppa?” I asked surprised. “He’s my calculus classmate.” He replied. Now I remember where I seen him before.

“I guess you just remember.” He smiles teasingly. “Sorry…” I smile apologetically. Somehow, I don’t know why but he seems amused. “What? Is something wrong with me?” I asked worried cause I really don’t want to give a bad impression on someone. “Nothing…I just want to say you look beautiful.” He said and kissed my back hand. I blushed…seriously the only guy I ever had a close skin contact is with Sanghyun oppa. I don’t know why but I keep thinking about Sanghyun right now.

No…he already has a girlfriend and I don’t want to ruin his happiness. I need to forget this feeling. Screw about what I used to said that I don’t do relationship. I need to forget this feeling.

I smiled back to Donghae. I could see the girls were cheering me from behind. I don’t know why but I feel there is another eyes staring at me, I was hoping it would be Sanghyun but when I turn around he wasn’t looking at me at all. He was busy with Jieun. I’m sooo stupid…

That night, I end up having a nice conversation with Donghae. He was nice, charming and really a gentlement. We ended exchanging our number. I hope open up my heart to like someone is a right decision. Because I know it’s impossible for me to be with Sanghyun if he only see me as his best friend.


It’s been 2 month after the party. I was spending my time alone. Sanghyun have been busy ever since he has a girlfriend. It was a nice day so I decide to stay home and read my book at the balcony. I was so absorbed with my book that I didn’t realize Sanghyun was sitting beside me.

“Hyorin ah…” He called out.  I jump in surprised noticing his presence. He laughed amuse with how I react.

“Oppa…don’t surprised me like that.” I said and lightly hit his arm. “What are you doing here?” I asked surprised. I thought he said he was going out with Jieun today.

Sanghyun was dead quiet immediately and this make Hyorin worried, “Oppa..” She called him out.

“We broke up…” he said.  “Huh?” I said as I don’t understand what he meant. “Jieun broke up with me.” He explained still looking down. I immediately hug him. “I’m sorry to hear that, oppa.” I said still hugging him. I could feel he hug me back. It always calms him down if he was hug when he was sad. I know I shouldn’t be happy with what happen to him now but hearing Sanghyun broke up make me somehow happy. I wonder I have a chance to confess but I’m scared I wonder what am I to him actually?

After he calm down, Sanghyun seem to be back to his usual self. I’m glad. I have to ask him. I was about to said something when Sanghyun phone rang. He was about to excuse himself and go home since her mom need his help now.

Sanghyun turn to leave but he stop when he heard I called him out. “Oppa…What am I to you?” I asked. “You’re my best friend.” He said and smile. “I have to go see you.” he said and pat my head and leave. After he was gone, I feel my cheek were wet. It was my tear. I cried…knowing that I’m only his Best friend not more than that.


It’s been 2 weeks after that; I was hanging out with my girlfriends. “Come on…Hyorin, he likes you.” Bora kept saying about Donghae liking me. “Yea..unnie. I think he make a good match for you.” Dasom add in. “I don’t know guys. He don’t even say he likes me.” I replied to them. “Don’t tell me you are thinking know who..” Soyou said eyeing me suspiciously. “Yah…why do you guys keep bringing Sanghyun oppa into this.” I retort not liking that they keep bringing Sanghyun oppa into everything.  I understand that they want me to forget my feeling but how can I even stop loving him when it keep growing stronger every single day. I know I have to forget this feeling since I’m not more than just a best friend.

“Speaking of Sanghyun…” Bora said giving me an eye signal to someone. I turned to where she was looking and I saw Mir was approaching us. “Hyorin…there you are.” He said trying to catch his breath. “What’s wrong with you?” Soyou asked looking at Mir concerned. “Not me…But Sanghyun..” he said slowly.

 I immediately stand up and hold his shoulder. “What’s wrong with Sanghyun oppa? Is he hurt?” I asked worried. “No…you need to help us Hyorin. We don’t know what to do? He is upset with his biology grades and now he’s sulking and kissing his face to the table. You need to talk to him.” Mir said dramatically.

I excused myself from the girls and went along with Mir to Sanghyun’s classroom. There I could see the rest of the boys. G.O, Joon, Seungho were trying to make Sanghyun stop kissing the table. Mir wasn’t kidding when he said about Sanghyun oppa. The boys get up when they saw me. “We leave this to you.” Said Seungho oppa. “Let me handle this.” I said smiling.

I managed to cheer up Sanghyun oppa back. When I see him smiling make me happy. I’m glad I could make him smile. Even I look like a fool as long I make him happy.


I got a text from Donghae to meet him at the park this morning. I wasn’t expecting that day he decided to confess to me. Honestly, I was happy. he was a nice guy and we start to get close since we met at the party.

“Hyorin, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked holding my hand. I was surprised since I didn’t expect that he really like me. I wonder this can help me forget about my feeling for Sanghyun.  Maybe I really should try to love someone who loves her too. “Yes.” I answer smiling.  Donghae was so happy with my answer that he picks me up bridal style. I laughed.

That afternoon, I decided to tell Sanghyun the good news. Since we promise that there’s no secret between us.

I rang the doorbell of his house. “I get it…!” I could hear his voice from the house. “OPPA!!!”I said and hug Sanghyun immediately. “Whoa…What happen to you? and What are doing here?”He asked surprised with the sudden hug attack  I gave him

“Yah…can’t I not come here anymore?” I pouted. “It’s not like that…I mean you always called.” He explained..

Before I can replied Dara unnie came. “Oh..Hyorin. You’re here.” She greeted when she saw me. “Hi unnie, you look pretty like always…have a nice date.”I said praising her. She look happy when she see her. “Thank you… Aigoo…Sanghyun a…you should really make Hyorin your wife.” Dara unnie said purposely to tease us. I blushed. “Yah nuna!”  Sanghyun yelled at Dara unnie.. “Aigoo…fine. I leave you two love birds alone. I need to see my dragon boy. Bye hyorin.” Dara unnie said and leave us alone to meet her long term boyfriend fiancée.

Sanghyun apologize with what just happen. “It’s okay, oppa. I’m used to it already. It’s not like this the first time your family tease us.” I replied in a coolly hoping that he won’t realize I was blushing just now.

 “So what’s make you happy today?” he asked as we went to the living room.  I told him everything about what Donghae did. I was surprised that I manage to act through being happy and everything even though it was hard for me to say this to him.

“I’m happy for you.”He said and hug me. I know I was stupid hoping that he said he wasn’t happy that I date someone but I’m only his best friend “Gomawa oppa.” I replied and hug him back. I look back at my reflection by the wall mirror. The look at my face is a sad expression when it was a good news to share. This is for the best to forget my feeling for you oppa.


It’s been a few month ever since I dated with Donghae. We have our up and down together. I just had a fight with Donghae the other day, I feel bad about it and Sanghyun did advice me to talk it out with Donghae about it. I decided to buy his favorite drinks before I’m going to his house. What I didn’t expect is to see him there at the café with another girl in his arm.

“Oppa…” I called to him as I approached him. He looked surprised.

“Are you cheating on me…?” I was so angry. How could he….?

He looked at me and he looks mad. Hell…I’m the one who got cheated here.

“It’s all your fault…you know that…Every time we’re together you always compare me with Sanghyun that and Sanghyun this… not to mention that you always talk about him every time too. Do you know how that make me feel…I was f*cking jealous!!! I’m your boyfriend Hyorin but you only think about your damn best friend! You don’t know how much I hate him right now since he keep winning your attention even you are with me you always think of him. I even hate the way he looks at you. I know it that he likes you because I always caught him seeing you with that look. But you only choose him. You even seek him if you have a problem. What you think that make me feel?” Donghae said in anger.

Every word he spat make me realized that all this time I still love Sanghyun no matter how hard I tried to forget and date with Donghae . I love Sanghyun. My tears fell. Donghae look at me. “I’m sorry baby I didn’t mean to make you cried.” He said apologetically. “We’re over.” I glared to him and ran out from the café. “Hyorin!!!!” he called out to me but I just walked away ignoring his shout.

I immediately called one person that comes to my mind, Sanghyun oppa.


“Hyorin…I know we’ve been best friend since we were kids. This place is where we first met. I still remember we play pretend with those innocent mind of us being husband and wife.” He paused for a while “I didn’t know back then but now I realized that you are the only one that I actually love. Do you know that I keep praying hoping you would love me back. And I was even afraid to confess to you cause I don’t want to ruin what we had since love is unpredictable.” He paused again. I was surprised from what I just heard. “And I know its sound crazy but would you be baby? I’m willing to take this risk rather than losing you again. I love you Hyorin.” Sanghyun confessed.

I was speechless hearing his confession. “Oppa…I…” I stop. I was really speechless. I don’t know how to answer…

 I didn’t expect that Sanghyun love me too. I end up crying. “Hyorin ah.., I’m sorry if my confession makes you cried.” He said as wipe my tear with his thumb. I hold his hand. “Anii…I’m just happy.” I said making him confused with my answer.

“I love you too,oppa. I love you since for how long but I thought it was only a one-sided love. I thought i could erase those feeling I had for you if I dated with Donghae but turn out I still love you no matter how hard I try to forget those feeling. And my answer is Yes! I would love to be your baby.” I replied and smile still crying with happiness.

Sanghyun cup both of my cheek and his face was slowly getting closer. I closed my eyes as I feel his lips touch mine. The kiss was slow and gentle. I know no one worth my time except for my best friend.

That night, both heart met with each other under the full moon as a witness. When friendship turned to love, Sanghyun and Hyorin realize that they need each other, they were best friend but they are also lover. It was a happy ending for both of them even though it takes time for them to realize what they feel inside.



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